Rest @ Virtual Shrine

The Virtual Shrine has Power. Almost 100,000 contributions to the capital of grace are placed in the Virtual Jar! There is really something going on! It’s full of action, and representing pure life.

And there is an inconspicuous site.
Nothing is going on there.
Really nothing is happing there.

There are no flashing advertisements or intrusive links which lures us there. 

Not many people really find this place. The place where nothing is really happening.

Because this idea opposes so much of what we know from everyday life. Because there is always something going on:

  • In the background a radio DOES play music.
  • Between two programs on television, a block of advertisement DOES try to tempt us with countless products and services.
  • During every day work, a snack DOES wait to feed us.
  • Our inboxes and mailboxes DO shower us with hundreds of topics - whether we wish to hear them or not.
  • The schools, work colleagues, clubs, craft circles, sports teams, acquaintances, friends, family - everyone DOES invite us to different events, celebrations and meetings.
  • The disorder is DOES jarr on our nerves so that we feel uncomfortable.
  • The unfinished work is DOES burden us and comes up in our thoughts again and again. Unannounced. Unwelcome.
  • The phone DOES ring - again, during lunch time!

And at some point we give up. Restless. Worn down. 

Then there is this quiet space in the Virtual Shrine, where nothing is happenING.
There the "DOES" is replaced by the "BEING". 
It is the Shrine itself.
It is a site where there IS only a picture our Lady and the young Jesus.
The Blessed Mother IS there. She does nothing.
Jesus IS there. He does nothing.
They ARE there - for us.
And now we ARE also there.
And we do nothing.
We simply "ARE". And we look at them. And we enjoy doing nothing. And slowly we calm down.

The "DOES" rush through our head - the unpayed bill…
And we DO nothing. We ARE simply there.

The email which should have been sent...
And we DO nothing. We ARE simply there.

And finally the "BEING" wins against the "DOING".

And then we ARE quiet. We enjoy just BEING there. And we are happy about Jesus and Mary, who ARE with us. We feel how good this is. And we can almost feel that we are not alone here - Jesus and Mery are with us. And this common BEING there becomes a wonderful encounter.

We rest in the Virtual Shrine and meet our God. A God, who says about himself: I am the "I AM who I AM". And new we are also here - in the Virtual Shrine. The virtual world actually touches the supernatural world. We actually touch the supernatural world through the virutal world. Heaven is open in the Virtual Shrie. We are there - and we a rest for a start.


And then we move on. But now we DO again! Now we control what we DO. And the first thing we DO is: we relaunch the Virtual Shrine!