The Virtual Shrine is a place of gift giving.

It was surprising for us to see how much the Virtual Capital of Grace Jar has become the center and heart of the Virtual Shrine.

There have been nearly 98,000 contributions to the Capital of Grace. That is incredible! In the traditional form (written on a piece of paper and folded twice), this would result in a Capital of Grace tower over 30 meters high! The equivalent of about 10 floors on a building! This is more than just an impressive foundation, upon which to build the relaunch of the Virtual Shrine. Countless users have already felt supported and at home in the 10 floors of our Capital of Grace tower.

The gift that we are offering our Blessed Mother today is a completely renewed Virtual Shrine. It is more professional, more structured, and more open.

It is more professional, because of its up-to-date, modern appearance.

It is more structured, because of the core themes: power, community and lifestyle.

It is more open for all users - regardless whether they are single, married couples or families.

The moment has finally come for us to relaunch the Virtual Shrine.