Zur Einweihung des Virtuellen Heiligtums



Inauguration of the Virtual Shrine – August 5, 2006

You, our blessed Mother, our Mother, our Queen.

The eternal God the Father has chosen you to give the church and the world – in this time of change – in the Schoenstatt family a new heart.

You want to shape our heart according to yours. You want to connect our hearts with your heart to a living unity. You want to transfer the love for the Triune God, which lives in your heart, in our hearts.

Heart Shrine

The shrine in our heart is the meaning and purpose of our Schoenstatt Movement. It is supported by the true to original shrines, the Home Shrines, the living heart shrines of married couples and the religious communities.

Now a new way of connection all human beings has emerged: The virtual world of the Internet. People have access to information and other people; access can take place at any time – and can also be disconnected within seconds. A new generation has emerged, which its very own habit is the internet, and the thing, which has been called "world" is used as the starting point into the "living environment" of the internet.

A New Man

A new person in emerging, who is less connected to the people of the "modern age" than a hunter and gatherer of the first phase of mankind with the succeeding farmers and they with the people in the modern metropolis. 

This new man can merge anytime from the word of "modern times" to the world of the "latest times" and there communicate with the knowledge of the world and its people.

The world of the internet is its habitat. It shapes and animates the world of "modern times", as the world of "modern times", with its incomprehensible technique has penetrated and shaped the habitant of the simple native tribes - xyx to name an example.

Naive personalities who still live in the past, of the 'modern times' - and who therefore have no organ for the latest world of the internet, resemble a native of the old world who sees a helicopter fly.

These modern people regard this world of the 'latest time', the world of the internet, at best as a tool that can be used to lead the obsolete world of 'modern times' to new heights - just as once a field and a cowshed for one from the culture of the hunters-gathers was nothing but a simpler, more comfortable form of hunting animals and gathering fruits.

A Shrine in the World of the Internet

Mother of Grace! You have called us, to build a shrine in this world of then internet. At this place in the midst of people of the 'latest time' you want to live. You want to create in their hearts a world of love for the heavenly Father. Everyone, who comes to visit and rest in this shrine in the virtual World, should get through your heart access to everything that exists in the Internet and is worth fighting for. We ask you for the grace: Come to us in the world of the 'latest time' - which outpaces by far the the 'modern times' in form and possibilities. Give us through this shrine in the virtual world a divine light, so that we make everything which lives there and has been offeren in words or pictures transparent so that it points to our enternal heavenly Father who touches us tenderly, enlightens us and invites us to creative creation/construction.

Let our virtual world be a perament invitation for us to bring you, our Mother and Queen, sacrifices as capital of grace.

A Big Request

And here we also entrust to you our greatest request:

Make sure, that we receive the grace to see our world of the internet, in everything the light of our heavenly Father. Give us the grace to spread the message of the devine light through the internet and therfor reach a lot of people. The heavenly Father inserts every deed and every way perfectly in our virtual world. The internet is the way to become holy - for us, and for all who believe.

Capital - actually Capital of GRACE

Now we also want to show, that we love you, our Queen. We are finally opening the capital of grace of the internet. How is this supposed to happen? How can we prove, that we really love you deeply? What is the way of life of an internet user to give you great joy?

From you we hear three words: light, strenght, confidence.

Our conributions to the capital of grace of our Virtual Shrine are the following:

1) The Inner Struggle for the Divine Light

In the old world of the hunter-gatherer, the peasant, and also in the "modern era" it was much simpler.

The pictures and images remained with us for longer. Then it was easier to see the Lord behind everything. On TV of course, images change very fast, but not in comparison to the internet.

Devine Light: We take all images, which we have absorbed at high speed, into the virtual shrine and rest in your presence our Mother and Queen. We are looking for your heart, dear Blessed Mother. We dwell in your presence. And then something special happens: The images taken by us in the past few hours, return to our thoughts. No effort is needed here, but rest. And we see you with us dear Blessed Mother, and you teach us to see everything brighter and warmer in the divine light. The Father leads and ordains everything, even though we cannot truly see the full picture. The Father loves his child: The Internet. We love this child with him because our heart is inscribed in your heart, ready to suffer with Jesus.

Herein lies the message: Rest in your presence, dear Blesses Mother our Queen – resting not setting activities. Simply – the word is allowed, because that is the way it is- rest on your heart. We see, when we rest in silence, single images from the internet, from work or leisure time, appear in us and we see the heavenly Father behind them. In practical life, we keep saying “Oh, that is you!”

2) The second thing we give you, is standing in divine power.

The rest becomes a deed: Resting in your presence therefore signifies giving you a gift. You don’t want anything but this: We do that which needs to be done, in a better way – and this we offer you , our Queen. From here onwards, the programme is love: “Off into the jar“ we say with a smile which absolutely can be connected with the moaning and weeping of our heart. When you look at us, we complain to you and we give you what lies ahead: ‘ That we work on the computer better. That we accept the consequences from the given information in a cool manner. When we are in your heart, the information that we receive does transform into inner resistance, moaning, hardness or discouragement, but to a standing in divine power. We know our Queen, that such a power radiates and makes our colleagues calmer and stronger. However we also believe that our participation in the suffering of the Lord invokes the love of the Lord into others. Our unity with you makes us calm and increases our ability to solve problems: divine power also means increased competence. What will be hard for us, we offer you – “Off into the jar“ – Love may hurt.

This is our second gift for you.

3) The third is standing in confidence.

The speed is high. We don’t know for sure what lies ahead. It used to be different. The circumstances remained stable for decades, for centuries. A farmer’s son became a farmer, a blacksmith’s son became a blacksmith. Today the father learns from his son how to use the internet. And if the son too is a Father, he will also learn from his son. So the development continues. And we remain uncertain. What we are able to do today, , means nothing for tomorrow. There is always something new. However, you are with us and we are with you. And the the future arrives out of the mystery of God. While others may say: “It is going to be alright.” We do say it to them, but the closeness to you gives the confidence another reason. In your presence, confidence turns into believing in a devout reliance on God.

Where fear and worries tempt us to become restless, we count on the stream of light and the power which beams from your heart. We do not say only with our colleagues spouses or friends: “It is going to be alright!”, but rather with Father Kentenich: “Mhc – mater habebit curam: The mother will take care.”

Our contributions for the capital of grace for the virtual shrine are thus:

1. “Oh that’s you!” – we say in the divine light.

2. “Off into the jar” – we say in divine power

3. “Mhc, she takes care” – we say in confidence.

Mother of Grace of Schoenstatt – Mother and Queen of the Internet: We feel you closely. You can count on us. Come to us at the Virtual Shrine. We count on you.


Pater Tilmann Beller, Vienna, Austria