SHE COMES - Consecration of the First Schoenstatt Shrine in the Internet

Plakat"Every generation has to re-found Schoenstatt!" was the conviction of Father Kentenich. The Virtual Shrine is now the first Schoensatt Shrine in the internet – the "Generation Internet" is getting active. 

"Generation Internet" starts. The tools are different: bits & bytes instead of bricks & mortars. The goal is to build a shrine in "our world" - in the world in which we live, communicate, network, chat, email, surf, shop, auction, work, where we have some favorite places, always discover something new - in a world where we never get bored. 

What would Father Kentenich say?

We assume: The very same thing, which he said to the Sisters in Uruguay, who for the very fist time ever wanted to rebuild the Original Shrine. Father Kentenich, who had never thought of this before, smiled and said: "Go ahead." Result: Today there are more than 160 daughter shrines worldwide.

A shrine in the Internt – can that work?

Very simply: What is the essence of a shrine? Probably not plastered bricks with carved interior. For Father Kentenich, it is a threefold power:

1) "Spiritual Home": If you read for a week in the forum, you have an idea what a mental home can be like on the Internet.

2) "Inner Transformation": What do those say, who have to know it?

3) "Apostolic fruitfulness": The Virtual Shrine (and before the "Family as Vocation" Communit and the Virtual Jar) fills people with enthusiasm and lets the Church and Schoenstatt be a living experience. Living life instead of moral theory. So some users have already sealed their covenant of love with the Blessed Mother....

What will different after the Consecration?

Correct - everything already "worked" before the consecration of the virtual shrine.

But then, Father Kentenich said (Letter from Santa Maria, April 15, 1948, about the consecration of a home shrine): “Take the picture of Our Lady and give her a place of honor in your home. This will then become a shrine in miniature where the picture of grace proves the effect of its graces by creating a holy family land and forming holy family members.”

So: now it's truly starting. The direction is a holy community in the Internet and holy community members. Nothing less.

Do we now worship the Blessed Mother?

No. The Schoenstatt shrine is a place of grace, where the Blessed Mother works in a unique way. Just as at the wedding at Cana, when she pushed Jesus, until he had performed his first miracle, turning "Water into Wine". In this very same way, she supports, educates, leads us to her son Jesus and does not leave any doubt that she participates in the salvation of the world - the salvation which only comes through Jesus. She leads us to God - we let ourselves be led and form an alliance with her. No idolatry, no substitute goddess, no false worship.

But it is just a website, right?

Clearly. Just as diamond is only carbon.  Just as a Picasso is also only canvas and color. Just as a coat of arms is also only printed fabric. So, if it has to be, the Virtual Shrine is just a website. But if it is allowed to be (what it truly is), then it will be the purest Energy Point within the Internet...