The Virtual Jar

Virtual Jar: Offer small things from everyday's life. Joy, an annoying to-do, cleaning-up. Do it conciously. Show our Blessed Mother that your request is important to you. She will speak up in favor of your wish with Jesus. What is Jesus going to do with all this Capital of Grace (your small contributions)!
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Eliege asks for light to my husband
Schoenstatt1 asks for Blessings on Health
Aleykutty asks for Gentleness
Eliege asks for for a new job
Eliege asks for My husband health
Nada asks for Patience
Gerald asks for Joy
Sabine asks for Prayers for my 88 year old Mom, who is missing.
EE asks for Schoenstatt Center in Lamar, Texas - rebuilding after hurrican
Farmers Wife asks for A young couple with three children in USA
EE asks for Good and healthy growing of three new-born girls
EE asks for Lithuanian Family Academy - 4th course in Kaunas
Gerald asks for CoG for Fr Jesus Ferras (and all other Schoenstatt Fathers in the US)
admin asks for International Virtual Shrine